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Drain cleaning should be part of regular maintenance, but if your drains are prone to clogs, you could still end up needing emergency drain cleaning. If you see black sludge coming up from your drains, that could be an indication of a major problem, such as a blocked drain or a clogged main sewer line. You should seek professional emergency drain cleaning services as soon as possible to avoid flooding and health hazards. Get in touch with our team at Oakland Emergency Plumbing right away.

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Fly Infested Blocked Manhole Drain Unblocking - Solid Infested Sewage

What an absolutely disgusting sight it was to see the manhole infested with flies… It absolutely turned our stomachs. What a tricky start to the day!

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Sometimes, a drain blockage requires emergency drain cleaning. Especially if you haven’t had routine drain cleaning performed at your property, you could find yourself needing drain cleaning services unexpectedly. Fortunately, we can help you connect with trained local plumbers to unclog your pipes in a flash and get you back on track with minimal fuss, all for an affordable price! We can also help with other plumbing emergencies, such as emergency flooding, water leaks and burst pipes. No matter what type of plumbing problem you have, our team will do everything possible not just to fix the issue but also to help you prevent future plumbing emergencies. Call us today to learn more!


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