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We only employ factory trained plumbers, they’re the best at repairing sewer lines.

Prevent a broken or damaged sewer line from causing a disaster at your property in Oakland! Broken sewers can lead to flooding, clogged drains, sinkholes, and water contamination. When a sewer line breaks or starts leaking, it is important to act quickly. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with this plumbing emergency alone–even during weekends & holidays, we’re always ready to send qualified specialists to your location as quickly as possible. Call our team today for 24-hour assistance!

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Unfortunately, there are many issues that can cause your sewer line to break or start leaking. Sewer lines and water lines are not something you should attempt to fix on your own. Anything from tree roots to corrosion can cause a sewer line to break with little to no notice, and suddenly, you can find yourself with severe flooding and health hazards. Don’t wait for sewer line damage to get any worse–contact Oakland Emergency Plumbing for sewer line repair and replacement services.